Kawan baik side of view.

Kawan baik know exactly what is happening, if you are having an issue, kawan baik didn't feel the heartbreak for you, but they can understand you, they don't feel whatever you feel, they can just be sad for you, but they don't feel the love for the guy you love, they don't feel jealous over whatever your man is doing, but they can get mad at them on your behalf. They will try to imagine themselves in your place. Trying to think of the best way to solve your problem. Which most of the time, you won't even listen. Why? Why should you trust your friends? Because they know every detail of what is happening. You told them everything. It's just that they think differently from you because you are thinking using feelings. How can you think straight if your thought is mixed with all the loves, sadness, and jealousy?

Well, you can see the difference between friends who want you to be happy and friends who only say the things you wanted to hear.

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