im not sure what kind of pose is that so if it is one of the annoying hipster pose, i am really sorry lol.
Assalamualaikum everyone, first of all; I want to say sorry for having a boyfriend after all the fuss of saying that I don't want to have one hahaha. I've been giving the clues since I posted my The Little Things entries. Tapi dah stop tulis entry tu sejak pergaduhan bersama beliau yg cemburu dan berkata saya sengaja menunjuk. Saya lapar pun saya tweet bagitau orang apatah lagi benda special huhu. Open up about relationship on my blog is not something that I think I can do because I am scared of the break ups and failure in the future, but  I think I am ready now (??)

Happy 21th Birthday to my man- nama pendek Abid, nama panjang Shakirul Neymar Alexander The Great. Jap, aku bukan nak wish kat sini pun.

So his birthday........I will give him a hoodie (I haven't give him the gift yet, we'll meet today finally after almost a month!) , which I bought when I was at Bandung. I begged my mom for that hoodie and even gave my mother all money that I have for it.  Cite dia skrang masa tu duit Rupiah tinggal sikit pastu aku nak beli barang orang, tu mak berat hati. At the end kitorang gi tukar lagi duit rupiah huhuhuhuhuhuhuh bye.

and a diy birthday card is a must! except this time i don't write long essay anymore because he already knew everything

The front page of the card. I saw this idea somewhere in Instagram it is so simple, easy, yet cute. It was supposed to be a cake...... but I drew a string instead of candle.....still not a failure tho......

I end up made an accordion card, a cute one.  Ha ha ha

ok tu je. bye awak

sorry private sebulan, lupa unprivate T______T