10 reasons why you should marry me

1. I don't have a Twitter account. 

You won't have to deal with all the hints your future wife gonna retweet just for you to see. You are absolutely hint-free, you are in the safe zone and you don't have to pretend as you didn't get any idea of the hints.

Tipu je. bye

2. I watched Korean dramas a lot. 

Which automatically make me way cuter and we gonna make a sweet couple. I will do every sweet thing I saw including chasing the bus while you are on it.

3. I absolutely know how to cook. 

Ayam goreng kunyit everyday can ah? Spaghetti ala-ala malay boleh?  Bubur pun boleh tau.

I'll update this in 3 years bye.

4. I have a blog. 

I can wish your birthday here so that all your friends would read and take screenshots and post them on your Whatsapp group and make fun of it at the same time wishing to be you.

5. I am funny.

Doesn't this entry gives you any idea of how funny I am?

6. My Youtube History is full with Shin Chan videos. 

Don't you want anyone as adorable as me?????????? Like a cute girl watching Shin Chan videos???? Tak sebenarnya kan sekarang ni bila tengok Shin Chan kan baru lah sedar bahawa cerita tersebut sangat perverted sepanjang tengok aku cam "hahaha bodo lah shin chan ni" camtu. Hahaha.

7. I trust people very easily.

So like 10 minutes ago I actually thought this statement were true. "Mana boleh santau suami sendiri la, tu salah satu pantang untuk santau." Idk how is this an advantage i shouldn't even put this as a point.

Im sorry I can't even get 10 reasons so please get out of here bye.