Park Bogum Asia Tour Fan Meeting Oh Happy Day

Assalamualaikum and hi! I WANNA TELL U GUYS THAT YESSS I WAS SOMEHOW HAPPENED TO BE THEREEEEE. Okay let me tell you on how I get to be there. First of all, yes, I am a fan of Park Bogum. Tbh I saw him everywhere in my Twitter and Instagram timeline but I honestly never care at all. Everything changed when he came as a guest in Two Days and One Night he looks very cute there and I've decided to watch the drama that is not even in my to-watch-list (BECAUSE I SRSLY NEVER INTERESTED IN HIM AT ALL). While watching that drama I instantly go crazy to the point I have his pic as my Whatsapp dp.

So I did heard about the fan meeting thingy but it was just impossible for me to go because I am currently unemployed and have no intention to be employed for now (but still sighing about how broke I am) so I thought I just need to move on and forget about it.

Until my cousin DMed me the happiest DM I've ever got lol.

I was so happyyyy I swear I couldn't be any happier lol sorry I should have warn you, this is a fangirling post. Even my mum is happy for me, she was like "Tak sangka akak dapat jugak pergi" because just before that day, I told my mum of how sad I am for not able to go.

Someone asked me on my, sempat tak nak solat sebab start pukul 7:30. Sempat babe don't worry, sebab surau dekat je and surau tu penuh dengan peminat Bogum yang lain! Fefeeling united sangats.

I can say Park Bogum is a very humble and wonderful guy. There was a slot where they showed us videos of his friends in the same industry greetings and congratulates him for his Asia tour and all they tried to convey was how kind and generous Park Bogum are. It has been a while since I go to any fanmeeting/concert/showcase and this time, I don't scream. Need to behave as my tonsil won't tolerate. I was just like "Eyyy comelnyaaaa" "Maigod baiknya" "BAIKNYAAAAAAA" Hahahaha.

The sad part is both me and my cousin have to leave the hall early because my uncle is waiting outside. So we didn't get the goodies bag and poster and even the chance of meeting Park Bogum closer. It's totally okay because I don't even know where to place my old posters and thanks to my uncle who willingly waited for us while we met Park Bogum. Another sad thing is time ni lah phone aku nak rosak!!!! My Oppo R5 dah rosak weh dah takde phone nak pakai sekarang ni T.T

Thank you Ct and Wak Hassan :) Btw Ct ada Kpop stuff Insta shop, she is still on the way of starting her business. Please support her by following @byctunnie on Instagram! Thank you for reading.

Claim: Images used in this entry belongs to my cousin, not mine.