My first ever post in this blog.

This is a real first post of my blog, a.k.a my blog anniversary date. The content of this entry was edited, and I am editing it again now (1st December 2016). I don't really remember what I wrote before but probably something like "Hi! This is my new blog"....? hahaha

I am so glad that my humble blog is gaining readers and the number of readers is increasing each time. Thank you so much for the support. My only wish is I hope that everyone get a good impression of me, and sorry if I did anything wrong before (as if anyone would read this hahaha). I am also sorry for not replying to each of your comment before because there are too many of them. While I was inactive due to SPM, I barely replied and even update my blog, I am really sorry for that.

Thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog. I love each of you so much :)