How to customize your follow button

There are so many types of readers, those who reads without following the blog, those who are interested in this one blog and instead of following they just typed the blog link instead, those who are looking for blogs to follow, some follow after saw some interesting content and want some engagement with that particular blog and many more. Some of us need to make our follow button fancy and very visible so that readers recognize it, and give us a follow. 

This post is a master post of how to customize your own blogs follow button. Instead of using Google Followers Widget, we can use our follow direct link and turn it into a follow button made of an image, or maybe a button using some CSS tricks. 

Follow Button using Text


You can have people to follow you using linked text. Paste this codes anywhere you wanted it to be. Change YOUR BLOG ID to your blog ID. Check out how to get your blog ID here

<a href=" BLOG ID">FOLLOW ME</a>

Follow Button using Image

click this button to follow me :-)

To have this button on your blog's sidebar. copy this codes and paste it in HTML/Gadget. Make sure to changeYOUR BLOG ID to your own blog ID, also change YOUR IMAGE URL here to your own image url.

<a href=" BLOG ID"><img border="0" src="YOUR IMAGE URL" width="200" /></a>

There are many other versions of follow button, stay tune for my next posts :)