Add bias list to your blog - Style 2

Hi! Im back with the second version of bias list! Click here to view the live preview of this bias list. Don't forget to mouse-over the icon to see the fancy hover effect.

1. You will need to edit the codes first. For time saving and less effort, copy and paste the codes below to this website and edit the codes there. You may edit the colors, and size. Don't forget to change YOURIMAGEURL to your own square images and change "Bias name" to your idol name.

2. Once you have done editing, copy the whole edited code.
 3. For classic template, you may paste the codes anywhere in your blogskin codes. Specifically anywhere you wanted the bias list to appear.
 4. For Template designer, go to Home > Pages > New Pages > click HTML > and paste the codes > Save the page immediately, don't click Compose as it will corrupt your bias list.